How To Make Money in the Scrap Metal Industry

Scrap metal that contains iron will stick to the magnet, while non-ferrous materials will not. Scrap facilities often use industrial-strength magnets to aid in sorting and processing. While scrap metal recycling may not seem lucrative, there’s a $27 billion industry in the U.S. alone. Increasingly, demand for metal in countries like China and India is driving the U.S. export market and bolstering prices. Recycling ferrous metals requires melting them down and removing impurities from the pieces of scrap. Non-ferrous metals are more widely accepted because they can be recycled time and time again without special processing. If you’ve ever visited one of Metro’s recycling facilities in Griffith, Valparaiso, or Blue Island, you know that each material has its own bin or section in the yard.

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If you are interested in purchasing equipment to recycle scrap metal, please contact us. This means that there is no need for metal to be lying around without being recycled for use once again. Recycling scrap metal has been made less complex by using machinery. Once the material has been segregated and shredded, it is time for the burning process to begin.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Scraps

However, the type of metals these industries are requiring isn’t always the same and some metals may still have low demand, even when these businesses are booming. So your old soda cans and cooking pans can now serve as the raw material for a new product. You can bring in the scrap metal for recycling in scrapyards, curbside pick-ups, home pick-ups, and mall-in. There is a scope for doing scrap metal removal business as well. You can sell the unwanted metal to these industries and make profits. So if you don’t want to set up an industry, you can make money by scrap metal collection and selling.

How Does Society Use Recycled Scrap Metal?

As a small metal recycler you may be collecting metals from construction sites, demolition companies, homeowners and small businesses before you sort and sell them to a local scrap yard. This business requires extensive acreage, machinery, and hardworking employees.

You will also need to ensure the sample is large enough for testing. Testing metal scrap is an integral part of the recycling process. Scrap can fall into one of two classifications – ferrous or non-ferrous. The main difference between the two is that ferrous scrap contains iron as a major component, while non-ferrous scrap does not.

We need to find a cash for a wire shop near us so that we can have extra cash to pay for the bills this month. CRI was created to fill the need of businesses that required a single source for industrial recycling programs.

While many large construction companies are willing to pay for you to remove their recyclables from their site, dependability is required. Offer the first two collections for free before charging for the service. They will continue to call you for pick up when you prove that you’re eager to keep their sites clean and clear of scrap metals. Don’t be afraid to drive up to a demolition site and ask if their recycling needs are being met.

These are relatively small businesses that don’t Google well, but there are metal recyclers in Phoenixville, West Chester, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. Definitely call before heading out to be sure they take small amounts and to check their hours and processes. The steel materials are broken into small pieces or sheets to allow for further processing. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs thousands of people in the United States alone. Recycling metal saves a lot of material that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

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