How Much Does Landscape Design Cost? 2023

Careful selection of plants can also lead to cleaner air and more nutrient-dense soil. Incorporating ground cover as an alternative to grass and flowers in parts of the yard can prevent erosion and deter weeds from growing. Finally, adding rain gardens and no-mow areas can help filter water. Several key factors can influence the total cost of a landscape design project. Plus, the homeowner’s selection of the designer can influence the price based on their level of experience, their availability during certain times of year, and the fee structure they use. These are the typical costs of landscape design services for midsize yards. Most homeowners pay about $4,200 for landscape projects of intermediate complexity, ranging from $2,200 to $6,180.

(A good one will ask you from the very beginning.) Our goal is to give you the outdoor living space you want within the parameters you set. Taking time to properly research and choose the right landscape designer will result in a better outcome for all involved. Here’s our guide to choosing the landscaping design company that will get the best results for you and your outdoor space. Landscape design professionals such as GreenEarth will work with you to create a landscape design suited to our Northwest Florida environment.

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It does not matter what type of garden goes in; it can be a butterfly garden or vegetable garden for this same rate. These fees are generally lower than for the average landscape design project. However, more complex and challenging garden plans that require extensive knowledge, planning, and skills—such as a Japanese garden or authentic English garden—cost much more. The price for a complex residential landscape design can climb to as high as $15,000. Coming home to an eye-catching yard requires quite a bit of planning and landscaping expertise.

The grid helps you decide where your focal points should be and how to align your outdoor spaces. You can pencil it out on grid paper with circles representing the mature size of plants. Or you can design a landscape with any number of computer programs available. This can be a fun exercise and good programs allow you to design on a grid, then view the results in a 3-dimensional rendering. You can even add hardscaping elements and garden accessories such as benches and fountains.

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Not everything has to match exactly, but taking inspiration from the materials, color palette, and style of your home will create cohesive landscaping. Look for a landscape design team that has a similar aesthetic. There’s no point engaging a landscape designer who predominantly design classic gardens inspired by European landscapes if you want something modern with Australian natives. The most important step of any landscape design is the site analysis which looks at the grounds and the overall conditions.

The Most Important Elements for Your Garden Design

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Plant for success

Landscape designers make this mistake of over-delivering time and time again. When you offer free design – or a flat rate fee of let’s say $500 – you only appeal to price shoppers, while ignoring value buyers. This common mistake is leaving substantial amounts of money on the table. This cost-based approach is preferred over the previous two mentioned because you actually capture your costs (and hopefully a profit) and put yourself in the enviable and valued expert position. Keep in mind, you’re in a unique position because of that expertise. This is very different than expertise in a productized or commoditized service like lawn care, tree care, or commercial landscape maintenance (Read this article about creativity vs. production). Our three brand new model homes will be opening for tours at The Townhomes at Graham Park on Saturday, February 25th!

Popular Landscape Materials

It requires a purposeful approach to everything you do, including pricing. With that in mind, now imagine presenting your client with a proposal that includes three options to work with you (compared to your competitor’s freebie option).

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Most cost calculators available online use your zip code to estimate the total price of a landscaping project. Since they also include materials and installation in their cost estimates, the best way to determine a landscape design cost is to take 15% to 20% of that sum. For example, if the total fee for a project is estimated at $30,000, you can estimate that design costs will be about $4,500 to $6,000.

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