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From independent coffee shops to global brands with thousands of locations, Stampede is ready to equip you with the tools you need to make your marketing efforts work. You’re unable to see which areas are the most popular and which aren’t, when the busiest times are, foot traffic, dwell times, patient information and a lot more. All of this data gives you the opportunities to switch up strategies and act as opportunities to increase loyalty and happiness. The right WiFi provider will survey your venue thoroughly first and will also design and install a solution to suit your WiFi coverage requirements as best they can to the location. They will ensure your entire service will be covered so you’re not missing out on more potential people you can market to through your WiFi. Since WiFi for restaurants implies gathering customer data, you need to be very mindful of privacy. Check with your local data protection laws and make sure that you have all the necessary consumer protections in place.

WiFi Marketing

Pop- up shops are an excellent opportunity for your brand to get to know your audience in that specific market. Crafting an experience that is inviting, comfortable and a place for your customers to gather, gives you a closer look into what they want. A seamlessly branded Guest WiFi captive portal with an end-to-end data, insights and email marketing platform makes it super easy for pop-up shops to extend that connection to any customer. Read more about Capture email on WiFi here. Typically, WiFi marketing requires an add-on application to your wireless network. Monetize your guest WiFi and create multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and social posts.

You have no limits on the available digital channels of communication. Send your messages with SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Voice and messaging apps. If you have any questions, comments or ideas about our restaurant marketing blog,
drop us a line and let us know. Consumers are now very used to visiting restaurant websites to make a dining decisions. In a dynamic and competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever to get customers through your door – and keep them coming back.

This is more limiting for the browsers, but it also enables you to control the environment and drive them to your promotions. If you use WiFi analytics you’ll be aware of which customers you’re potentially losing and those who use your brand most. By offering rewards you’re giving customers an incentive to come back and stay respectively. •WiFi Marketing makes it quick and easy to transform customer data into successful email campaigns. •Dealerships set up a WiFi hotspot, which can offer full Internet access, access to only certain websites or their own website. Any mobile device – smartphones, tablets and laptops – can use these connections. Typically, you will display physical signage to promote your free Internet network.

Automatically generate live previews of WiFi login pages with our Facebook™ integration. Set triggers, delays and actions to send your data to more than 1,000 3rd-party app integrations. All the demographic and visit history information collected can also become part of the growing CRM system. Configure your campaigns and combine multiple communication channels like SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Voice, and messaging apps. Set fallback a channel when the message is not delivered or opened.

Unlock powerful customer insights

Optimism and innovativeness become the drivers of wifi-marketing since it showed users’ likelihood to adopt wifi for promotional purpose. However, discomfort and insecurity become the constraints for wifi-marketing in terms of privacy issue. Once they’ve provided some personal data, your customers can connect their phone, tablet or laptop to your WiFi network. Later, depending on the information you ask customers to provide, you’ll be able to run email marketing campaigns, retarget customers and carry out SMS marketing and so on. When customers log-in to your in-store WiFi, they provide quality data to do so, such as age, social demographics and email address.

Gets More Online Reviews (and Better Reviews!) from WiFi Users

Manage contacts with ease and keep contact information always up to date with data sync tools. Distributing the data through vouchers is a good way to limit access to the Internet. By doing this, bars and restaurant’s owners can prevent unauthorized access to people who are non-customers. If unauthorized people are connected to the network, it will slow down the speed of the Internet.

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are exploring innovative ways to connect with their customers, enhance their brand presence, and drive engagement. Two powerful tools that have gained prominence in the marketing landscape are WiFi Marketing and Automated SMS and Email Campaigns through WiFi. In this article, we’ll delve into these strategies and explore how they’re reshaping customer interactions and marketing efforts. Also, you can nurture your leads and fidelize them effectively, by sending the appropriate content and marketing messages while they’re in the right stage of the customer’s journey. Tanaza helps you generating more online and offline conversions thanks to its built-in advertising system, which allows you to show time-based banners or videos on your responsive and customizable splash page. This built-in feature allows your clients to track results of their ads, i.e. number of views, minutes watched on video ads, results of an image ad, etc. For the in-store customer journey, WiFi provides indoor tracking, thanks to visitors’ mobile device connections and geolocation information in the form of a heat map.

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