How to use hair extensions and take care of hair extensions?

I recommend using an extension-safe brush with boar bristles and flexible bristles, like this one. The lifespan of clip-in hair extensions depends on factors like frequency of use and maintenance. Regular but gentle washing, avoiding excessive heat, and storing them properly when not in use contribute to their longevity. Eventually, I decided to shell out nearly $1,000 for professional sew-in hair extensions. I entered the salon on a Sunday afternoon with thin, shoulder-length hair and left with a head of thick, 22-inch extensions that even Ariana Grande would be jealous of.

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Choosing the correct colour and thickness is essential to make sure your clip-ins look natural. For example, if you have very thick hair and want to add more length you will need a very thick set like the Ultra-Volume Full Head to blend out the ends of your hair. At Cliphair we have a free colour match and advice service run by hair extension experts to guide you to your perfect clip-ins, click here to get in touch! If you would prefer to look yourself, read “How to expertly colour match hair extensions” for more information. Human hair extensions, often referred to as hair weaves, hair extensions, and artificial hair integrations, add length and a thicker appearance to your natural hair.

tips on how to take care of your hair extensions.

Now that you’re clip-ins are ready, you can trim them up to blend in with your hair. Or you can measure the tracks by placing the hair where it would be clipped in on your head and then cutting the hair. Measure the nape of your neck starting and stopping just within the hairline. Here are a few tips from our team of expert hair stylists on how to use your Donna Bella Hair® Clip-In extensions.

Quad Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions cannot be worn overnight but are more versatile than permanent and semi-permanent options. With clip-in hair extensions, you can change up your look every day. Micro link hair extensions use small bead-like clamps and a special application tool to connect small wefts of hair to your natural hair.

Tape-ins might fall apart in your hair when too much friction hits it, as water does when you’re standing directly under a showerhead. And as for permanent extensions, they can get looser by the roots. Another popular kind of hair extension that has specific care rules is the tape-in extension. Read more about sew in hair extensions here. These are attached to the roots with medical tape, giving it a good, sturdy grip on your head without it being completely irremovable. You’ll see what kinds of rules apply to these later, so keep reading. You can attach each clip to the base of your hairline in just minutes. This will help keep your clip-in extensions tangle free for the most longevity.

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