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Supporters of Lai Ching-te react after Lai won the presidential election outside the party’s headquarters in Taipei on Saturday. Beijing had hoped to avert a Lai victory through a pressure campaign that labeled him a dangerous advocate of Taiwan independence — a red line for China. With general elections three years away, India’s opposition parties appear to be struggling to mount a robust challenge to Mr Modi. Mr Kishor believes the BJP is not quite the supremely powerful party it’s made out to be, and there is “always space for a party, existing or new, to mount a challenge on its own and in combination with other parties”. Tune in on Wednesday, Jan. 10, as POLITICO explores Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election. Hear from our panel on the potential outcomes to the race and the profound implications for U.S.-China relations depending on who wins. “The Congress outsourced its campaign… it was more about personality-building and relying on a private entity to build a corporate-style campaign.

Because of its kaleidoscopic agenda, progressivism suffered from an incoherence that made it all the more assimilable to the status quo. By parroting themes such as intersectionality and “dismantling patriarchy,” cultural and economic elites muffled more pointed attacks on the largest owners of capital and their high managers. At the same time, progressives’ embrace of maximalist positions on a range of complex social and cultural issues ultimately ran counter to efforts to forge a new economic consensus. This dynamic fatefully undermined progressives’ identification with the labor movement. Many of them were intimately familiar with the ways in which neoliberalism had removed economic security from ordinary people’s grasp. Yet their identitarian obsessions and purity tests didn’t alter perceptions that progressivism had little to do with New Deal-style goals like inclusive economic development and upward mobility.

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Mr Kishor is India’s best-known political consultant and strategist, though he dislikes the description. He is seen as a high-profile handler of politicians and an astute tactician who has perfected the art of winning elections and influencing people. Service Offering Diversification – No longer are the strategy consultancies satisfied with handing over the client relationship to another consultancy once implementation phase commences. Vice versa, the restructuring and turnaround consultancies, and the management consultancies, are keen to position themselves to capture the tip-of-the-spear strategic assignments. This convergence of service offerings across consultancy-types provides alternative career paths for career-consultants, and new entry points for experienced executives with no prior consulting experience. The next day, it became clear that Barrow was going to pull off an astonishing win, ending decades of state-sponsored intimidation and human rights abuses that many Gambians had been fighting against for years. When all the votes were counted, Barrow had secured 43.3 percent of the total, compared with Jammeh’s 39.6 percent share.

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Subianto’s running mate is outgoing leader Widodo’s son, prompting speculation of a dynasty in the making. Either winner, though, would mark a continuation of the corruption-tainted politics that have dominated Indonesia since the end of the Suharto dictatorship in 1998. Another leader seeking to retain power is El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, who has won widespread support since using emergency powers for an aggressive crackdown on ultra-violent street gangs. That said, front-runner William Lai, who is currently Taiwan’s vice president, has promised to strengthen the island’s defense, and a victory by him could heighten cross-strait tensions. The opposition Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang, is more amenable to Beijing than Lai’s Democratic People’s Party. Taiwan’s elections for president and the 113-member legislature take place Saturday under intense pressure from China, which makes the outcome important to much of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to the U.S. It’s an unprecedented third consecutive term for the DPP, which got its start in the 1980s by activists and lawyers seeking formal independence for Taiwan.

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The short answer is that while Bidenomics has many laudable elements, the administration and congressional Democrats have failed to make progress toward a new, more equitable social contract. This failure owes not just to contingent developments like the war in Gaza or the perennial zealotry of GOP budget hawks.

The core team is composed of 10 to 15 international experts, depending on the size of the mission and the specific needs of the OSCE participating State to which a mission is deployed, and includes both analysts and operations experts. The world is radically moving towards a governance system where every individual has a voice and all are held accountable. There is simply no shying away from the technology that can be harnessed to achieve a government “of the people, for the people, and by the people”. Having successfully used EVMs over the years at such a large scale with little to no error, India is now moving towards becoming a ‘techno-democracy’. The reform of its electoral system has been truly innovative and revolutionary in reshaping governance that can be replicated in other democracies. The success of the EVMs in India warranted a comprehensive audit mechanism to verify the votes cast. In 2013, the Election Commission of India formally incorporated Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines in the electoral systems.

Ruling-party candidate Lai Ching-te emerged victorious in Taiwan’s presidential election on Saturday and his opponents conceded, a result that will chart the trajectory of the self-ruled democracy’s relations with China over the next four years. Much of the problem pertains to the space—geographic, social, professional, and ideological—that progressives have occupied since Obama’s 2008 election. As the difficult recovery of the 2010s wore on, progressives in search of opportunity were further pulled into blue coastal cities, where grassroots activism was more likely to provide a ladder to the professional networks afforded by liberal civil society. Over time, this enmeshment with the winners of the knowledge economy would undermine the larger realignment project. At the same time, as Julius Krein has observed, “when it comes to actual governance, Democrats’ performance, particularly in progressive states and cities, is somewhere between weak and abysmal.” Most on the left are inclined to disregard such external critiques. But few progressives can point to any Democratic-controlled city where they enjoy influence and claim success on basic metrics of poverty, housing, residential and educational segregation, and other developmental outcomes.

With Democrats and Republicans each having just a quarter of adults affiliated with the party, “solidifying your base isn’t going to necessarily win any elections right now,” Brett Loyd of the Bullfinch Group said on the panel. Position Yourself as an Expert – For you to bring value to a consultancy you have to add knowledge and/or potential revenue. As someone who probably doesn’t have an extensive business network you’ve previously leveraged to sell consulting work, your asset is knowledge. Consider what the hot topics are in your industry or function, perhaps Hydrogen Economy, Sustainable Finance, Digital Twins, Workforce Equity, Supply Chain Sustainability, Crisis Response? What topics the consultancies are currently featuring on their main webpages and social media, and what whitepapers are they publishing? So if you are able to position yourself as an expert in one of these areas, you are valuable to a consultancy.

Read more about Data Analysis here. Smith tried to redirect some of the praise back to Gambian voters, but the media attention put Vanguard in the spotlight. ” Shouldn’t we rather want to ask who exactly is @Smith_JeffreyT and what is his agenda with our destiny,” another user tweeted. Beijing was believed to favor the candidate from the more China-friendly Nationalist party, also known as Kuomintang, or KMT. Its candidate, Hou Yu-ih, also promised to restart talks with China while bolstering national defense. He promised not to move toward unifying the two sides of the Taiwan Strait if elected.

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