How to Start Your Own Event Planning Business: 8 Steps to Success

Your social media marketing can also include promo videos, guest blog posts, and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter updates. Maintain uniformity by using the same handle and hashtag across platforms and consistent messaging so it’s always clear that the buzz is about one particular event. Managing and evaluating events manually can be time-consuming.However, there are many event management tools in the market. Event marketing is a massive task on its own and if you are new at this, you probably don’t know where to start. For a detailed inside scoop, you can read our event marketing guide and get all the information you need on creating the ideal marketing plan for your event. Therefore, adding some networking features that bridge the gap between both types of attendees is important.

This team member works to map out booth spaces, sell sponsorship opportunities, maintain relationships with sponsors, and explore community organization relationships. For small events, you may personally be handling many or all of the tasks discussed in this section. However, for large events, it takes an organized team to execute the production.

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In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis changed everything for event planners. Whether the industry thinks of 2020 as a deviation or devastation strongly depends on how planning professionals adapt to uncertainty. If event management and planning were just about keeping track of everything, the job wouldn’t pay so well. An event planner must also have a firm grasp on their communication and other kinds of managerial skills. To understand all that, it’s crucial for the event planners to sit down with the project stakeholders and understand why the event is taking place. It doesn’t matter if the goals are tangible or intangible, but you must understand them completely.

However, there are a few more things to keep in mind when making your event plan. Together, each of these elements comes together for your event master plan.

It goes without saying that your event planning steps should always keep in mind the budget that you’re working with. Therefore, instead of spending more money on features that you don’t even need, you should always consider the option that serves the best value for your money. Most event planning platforms can customize a plan for you that suits your event goals and also fits your budget. When you have your event goals in mind, you need to judge if the platform you have shortlisted has all those event planning capabilities.

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