How To Prepare for a Commercial Strip-out: 4 Tips to Make the Process Easier by Deft Demo

If the old paper is not intact or the shape of the patch precludes an easy fit, use pieces of polymer-reinforced flashing strips as “shingles,” slipping them up and under the existing stucco and paper and over the new. Caulk new paper to old at the edges to help keep water out. The mix always contains portland cement and sand, but it varies according to the amount of lime, pigment, bonders, and other agents. The consistency of a mix is easy to recognize but hard to describe. When you cut it with a shovel or a trowel, it should be stiff enough to retain the cut mark yet loose enough so it slumps into a loose patty when dropped from a height of 1 ft.

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Vinyl window are awesomely weather resistant so I knew we didn’t have actual window issues. Read more about Soft strip demolition Birmingham here. If our windows were wooden frames, we’d likely have a bigger problem on our hands. With both sides installed, measure between the two strips to determine the length of the top strip. Some of the owners of land that had been expropriated previously had counter-sued, but before their cases could be heard, their properties had been sold to other developers. The odds were very much against them – at this point, no one who had been evicted from a property in the past 15 years had managed to return. And though there were some high-profile hotels in this round of evictions, most of those affected ran relatively small operations and didn’t have the funds for a prolonged legal battle. Seventeen years ago, when Nuno Silva first visited Tulum, there were only about a dozen hotels facing the ocean.

Try a bit that’s a little larger to see if it fits better. The best-laid DIY project plans can hit a snag if a stripped screw turns up. Though stripped screws can certainly slow down a project’s progress, they’re not impossible to deal with. If you don’t own a stripped screw extractor—a special tapered drill bit with a square head—you’ll do just fine by following these effective tricks and tips for how to remove a stripped screw. Contact your trash removal company, recycling center, or local landfill to dispose of the rolled carpet.

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But make sure you dry the areas thoroughly before starting work, otherwise that fresh coat of paint may peel. Some common examples are formaldehyde, benzene, and acetone. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that average levels of VOCs are between 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors1. Discover how to work safer, by optimizing indoor air quality for home improvement.


Three-fourths of the population of
the “Bloody Sixth” Ward were then Irish. The army of tramps that grew
up after the disbandment of the armies in the field, and has kept up
its muster roll, together with the in-rush of the Italian tide, have
ever since opposed a stubborn barrier to all efforts at permanent
improvement. The more that has been done, the less it has seemed to
accomplish in the way of real relief, until it has at last become clear
that nothing short of entire demolition will ever prove of radical
benefit. Corruption could not have chosen ground for its stand with
better promise of success. The whole district is a maze of narrow,
often unsuspected passage-ways—necessarily, for there is scarce a
lot that has not two, three, or four tenements upon it, swarming with
unwholesome crowds.

Thin-set adhesive came into popularity in the 1970s, allowing tile to be adhered directly to a plywood or cement board underlayment. This system quickly replaced the traditional mortar-bed system. With a thin-set installation, the bond between tiles and underlayment is relatively easy to break. It is still hard work, but you can take solace in the fact that you’re not facing a solid mortar base. 10 years on from the original build and 5 years since the rebuild, my kids had outgrown the treefort. So we took it down – a pretty straightforward demolition. The tree has been completely unaffected by having a structure in it for a decade, and the bolts all came out with a bit of encouragement (I did have to buy a bigger wrench!).

During this period, I also heard stories about students from Od Yosef Chai who vandalized Palestinian properties and businesses in the town of Huwara. Not only was this not kept secret, there were even religious debates as to whether these kinds of attacks were permitted according to halakha (Jewish religious law). One thing I did find was that oil from my hand, leftover soap or acetone or even water drops did affect how evenly the piece aged.

There is still a strong visual remnant of the major Boom Years (1914–1930) including commercial and industrial buildings, churches, and a significant percentage of our neighborhoods. Still, time and economics have taken its toll on these as well, and we must act soon if they are to be preserved. But like a lot of Urban Renewal concepts, the reality never really matched the vision. Other than a few office workers taking lunch there on sunny days, the plaza never became the agora-like gathering place that planners envisioned.

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