How to Make Wedding Invitations

More goes into wedding invitation envelope wording than names and addresses and a postage stamp, though. Read more about Wedding Stationery here. Wedding planning involves a long to-do list and, often, a lengthy guest list. Make sure your own invitations get to your wedding guests with envelopes that appropriately call out their titles, relationship status, and similar.

If you want to be extra careful for the Post Office, you can do a combo of calligraphy for the names and block print for the address portion. That way, the USPS machines will be sure to be able to read the address, but the names are in a more fun script. If you’re still in the design phase, you can use design elements to create an interesting “Stack” design. This just means that you pay attention to how the invitation pieces will stack together. You have just scored your invitations, RSVPs and envelopes for about $40. I designed my invites myself over the course of a week in Adobe Photoshop. Nowadays I would recommend using Canva or Adobe Illustrator for better quality.

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It is the perfect way for couples to desiguly unique and one-of-a-kind invitation to send to guests. Creating, cutting, and packaging invitations on your own is time-consuming and difficult.

But hand canceling will cost you some time at the post office. I sent out about 80 invites and was at the post office for about 30 minutes. Before you head to the post office, you’ll want to be sure to properly address the inner envelopes and outer envelopes. You might even start wondering which person should be listed first on the invitation. Or, how to navigate inviting a whole family, including children.

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Everyone is receiving their invitations at the same time, and the wedding just happens to be coming up quickly. However, you just have to be a little more creative with how you invite them. They’re who set the tone of your wedding and who gather to help you celebrate. Hopefully this has helped you figure out your wedding details card wording! Take a look back at our previous posts on how to word your ceremony card or your RSVP card. You need to inform guests of multiple activities or events throughout your wedding weekend.

Get organized and make some decisions prior to addressing your wedding invitations.

This will include the invitation itself, any enclosure cards and additional envelopes, and adornments like belly bands, vellum or tissue paper overlays, ribbons, and wax seals. Widows should be asked by a close family member which surname is preferred. You can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day with friends and family! But as you start putting everything together, you may start to wonder – how do you address your wedding invitations? Here’s the proper etiquette for nearly any guest on your list. Sending out bespoke wedding invitations is a lovely way to make your wedding unique and luxurious. Chances are your save the dates were mailed using a regular First Class Stamp.

With email, texting, and social media, most people don’t have to use the mail or visit the post office very often anymore. And if they do, it’s likely for a simple birthday card or thank-you note, which only need a current or forever first-class mail stamp. However, wedding invitations can be more complicated – particularly the high-end wedding invitation suites. Please note, when ribbon wedding invitations are purchased or if you plan on using ribbon to tie around your wedding invitation suites, we highly recommend also using double envelopes. This will better protect your stationery when traveling through the mail to your guests. The beautifully tied invitation can be placed inside in the inner envelope, which is then put inside the outer envelope. This gives the beautifully tied invitation the protection that it needs.

Can be more confusing of who’s invited (kids or a plus one, for instance)

This is a common mistake among couples, but don’t accidentally order one wedding invitation for every guest. Many brides (myself included!) order invitations based on head count and end up with way too many extra “keepsakes”. Order same-gender couples’ names alphabetically by last name. On the outer envelope, write each formal title and name on a separate line.

Every family is different, which makes addressing wedding invitations a bit difficult. Sending out your custom wedding invitations kicks the final phase of wedding planning into motion. With just a few weeks until the big day, a finalized guest list is the major detail that makes your dream design a reality. When you take your time to design your own wedding invitations, you get the chance to slow down to create a personalized keepsake you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. All the design elements start to fall into place after you choose your venue. Since most locations recommend booking at least a year in advance, you can really begin brainstorming your wedding card design the moment this is locked into place. Though you don’t need to order and send your invitations until the two- or three-month mark, allow extra time to make custom invitations that fit your style.

Using just first names is typically for more casual weddings, but either is acceptable. The bride and grooms names should always be on their own lines and separate from the rest of the wording. Fine Day Press is a stationery studio founded by designer Ashley Austin. Creating paper goods for your wedding day is a task we’re honored to take on – we are truly thrilled to be a part of your big day! Our goal is to produce modern, luxe invitations on high quality materials with a creative, colorful design sense.

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