How to Find the Right Size Faucet for Your Kitchen Sink

Then insert the cable, hoses, and shank through the mounting hole. Make sure the faucet handle is on the right side and the spout is facing you before moving on. Some new faucets come with attached flexible tubing for the supply lines, each labeled hot or cold. Wrap the threads counterclockwise with Teflon tape before connecting each to the hot and cold water supply valves under the sink.

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I purchased (2) 20” PVC faucet supply lines for about $6 each. The Miri faucet also comes with a soap dispenser too and I so wish we had an extra hole in our sink for it. I did toy with the idea of making a new hole but unfortunately, there isn’t any space around the sink. Before installing the faucet, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Replacing the kitchen faucet is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen quickly. Finally, once you’ve made your decision, consider getting ceramic valves in your new faucet. While other valves claim to be drip-free, ceramic valves are unmatched in their long-term reliability.

Turn Off Water

And don’t forget to allow yourself some time as you may not be able to replace the faucet in less than an hour like a plumber. Carefully following each installation step prevents leaks, damage, and other problems with your new faucet. Take precautions like protecting mounting surfaces, avoiding overtightening, and confirming watertight connections. A two-handle faucet will typically have a threaded shank coming out of each of the hot and cold valves. Now that we’ve secured our deck plate to our sink we’re going to install the main body of the faucet.

Carefully unscrew the water supply lines at the valve and let the excess water drip into the bucket. It is possible that even though the valves are turned clockwise that they are not stopping the flow of water. If there is still water pressure coming from the valve after you remove the supply line, simply reconnect the supply line, and call a licensed plumber to replace the valve.

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