How to find a long-term rental in France

Always address the listing owner by their given name, or by the generic and polite “Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,” and tailor your message to any particulars of the listing as you see fit. Popular listings are often posted and taken down the same day from the overabundance of interest, so being one of the first people to see a listing is essential.

A one bedroom apartment in Paris city centre will set you back around an average of €1068 per month, excluding utilities. The same place, but outside of the centre, will cost a more reasonable €798. But, naturally, the exact price will depend on how desirable and well-connected the neighbourhood is. The final question you need to ponder before starting your apartment search is whether you want to live alone or with other people. Both options have pros and cons, so once again it’s all about your priorities and preferences.

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So you can book short-term accommodation for this duration with an option to extend just in case. Understanding the renting ads, besides the normal vocabulary, can be difficult as real estate agents often use coded terms and abbreviations. Rental prices will also differ if you are renting furnished or unfurnished. If the CDI is not an essential condition for renting an apartment, it is possible to see your application refused more easily in the face of tenants working on a CDI. If you want to move in with your doggy or any other pet, in most cases, landlords won’t mind. But they will usually ask you to pay a pet deposit, a one-time small fee letting your pet live in the apartment. In Paris, the average cost of a studio apartment is 808 euros (921 dollars).

As you consider moving into an apartment, the first thing to look at is your rental budget. It’s common for first-time apartment renters to overestimate how much rent they can afford.

How to Rent an Apartment

In Berlin, apartments must come with a stove and a sink.4 You must buy everything else yourself. You must also get an internet connection and find an electricity company.

Renting a flat in Paris during the trial period can be complicated. This career transition period tends to intimidate some landlords. Here is some apartment-hunting advice for those in their trial period. Control your information and avoid filling out multiple applications with an Avail Renter Profile.

Legally the security deposit can be either equal to or less than the cost of one month’s rent. The security deposit is returned to the tenant once the rental agreement has been completed – as long as there has been no damage incurred to the property. While rental periods for furnished apartments can be shorter, the minimum period for a lease for an unfurnished apartment is three years.

How to Search for Apartments in Paris

In mid-September in Washington, D.C., angry protesters disrupted the normally sedate yearly conference held by the National Multifamily Housing Council. Before security ejected them, they seized the stage and recounted how their families had been harmed by an inability to find safe, affordable housing. Starting out with 10 members in 2003, the group has grown to more than 1,000 participants, according to the website.

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In contrast, apartments for short-term lease come fully furnished. So remember that if you don’t want to move to an empty place by accident. A guarantor can be a natural person (a parent or relative) or a legal entity (bank, company). The guarantor’s income must correspond to three times the amount of the rent. As mentioned above, the support of a guarantor (“caution”) is essential to rent an apartment if your income is not equivalent to three times the rent. Visiting an apartment can often be difficult when you are far from Paris, so you must also be careful to properly evaluate the size of the apartment. The same goes for its features and the storage space you might need.

Landlords want to be secure that nothing terrible will happen to their property. So, after signing the rental contract, they will ask for a damage deposit. A damage deposit is a fee that may equal up to 6 weeks` rent you have to pay in advance and won’t be returned if you damage the apartment.

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