How to Assess the Quality of Contractors for Your Project

By enabling a draw request specifically for mobilization, the temptation to front-load payments can be lessened. However, using a mobilization percentage doesn’t account for the actual costs incurred in mobilizing. The rate may be increased or decreased in anticipation of the cost, but if there’s a lot of room for windfall or shortfall when a straight percentage is used. By actually tying mobilization payments to specific mobilization costs, everyone gets a fair deal.

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You need adequate time to read through and understand the plans and scope of work—plus time to gather and evaluate subcontractor bids. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you’ve done similar work in the past that you can just slap a bid together without doing your due diligence. When requesting bids from subcontractors, clearly define the scope of work that the subcontractor is expected to perform. Failing to do this can result in unnecessary costs being added to your bid because of an overlap of work being bid by both you and your subcontractor.

Most construction companies can work in both residential and commercial, but the biggest factor in which path you choose lies in your ability to finance the projects and your cash flow. It is important to know what rights you have when hiring a contractor for work on your property. Additionally, make sure that you are aware of any applicable labor laws such as minimum wage requirements or overtime pay rules so that you can ensure fair compensation for workers involved in the project. Most large construction companies tend to seek the help of various types of subcontractors for doing a significant part of the project’s work. In fact, more often than not, they hire very few trades-persons but many subcontractors for most tasks that they either don’t have the resources to work on or simply choose not to do themselves. To win clients and secure projects for your architecture firm, it’s essential to create compelling proposals. That’s why, unlike traditional DAM systems, OpenAsset offers a project-based DAM solution specifically designed for AEC marketers.

Given the industry’s importance, we can expect to see continued growth and innovation in the coming years. As of 2021, there are an estimated 680,000 construction companies operating in the United States. The vast majority of these companies are small businesses, with fewer than 20 employees. However, there are also many large construction firms that operate across multiple states and even countries.

First, let’s take a moment to clarify the difference between markup and margin. At a simplified level, profit margin is what determines the amount you keep–derived from sales–while markup determines the amount you charge the client–determined by job costs. You’ll need to know your projected annual sales volume to calculate markup. Projected annual sales should be realistic yet ambitious enough to cover costs and make a reasonable profit. This number is partially calculated through your earlier financial goal of earning 8% of total sales. It’s because, although contractors are great at construction, they don’t know how to run a business. There’s plenty of contractors who are experts in their trade, but outside of the field they don’t understand how to get more leads, win projects, or basic construction management tips.

Work Schedule

According to Real Estate Witch, the typical cost to build a house is $466,000, and the average renovation cost is $48,384. Commercial buildings that businesses buy or lease can run $30 to $90 per square foot for materials and labor. Your project can only be as successful as the team that you have managing it. One of the keys to preventing trade stacking and ensuring optimal productivity on your project is assigning the right project management talent to the task. Common construction defects include faulty materials, incorrect designs, poor workmanship, and failure to follow construction codes.

This way, the contractor doesn’t have the burden of procuring all necessary materials right away. At the same time, the homeowner retains a degree of control by withholding the final payment until project completion. It’s a win-win, really, helping both sides manage the project and payments smoothly. To demonstrate, let’s take as an example a small home contracting business tasked with building a deck for an agreed contract price of $5,000.

You have a loose (or outdated) business plan

Take the time to carefully review your work or have another person on your estimating team review your estimates. Unexpectedly having to rent additional equipment or face delays can negatively affect the bottom line of a project. Remember to factor in fuel costs to operate the machinery and to transport the equipment to the jobsite. When determining your labor costs, remember to factor in any projected overtime as the wage rates for overtime hours worked can be as much as double the prevailing wage rate.

Consider these three tips to land that first important position in the construction industry. If a section of the contract is unclear, consult with a quality lawyer who is well versed in commercial construction contracts. If you can’t afford to have a lawyer review all of your contracts or even a portion of the contract, review them yourself and contact an attorney when you have specific questions about a clause. Exceeding the expectations of your clients by delivering a superior product or service is good for business. You’ll make more money, get better customers, and build a reputation as a professional that serves your community with quality work.

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