How Iconic Office Furniture Transforms Your Office into a Productivity Powerhouse

It’s also vital for the clinical and supply chain teams to work together to make these important decisions. A thermoformed laminate surface eliminates seams, as do solid-surface options such as Corian. Even better than vinyls, though, are newer PVC-free polyurethane upholsteries, which are friendlier to the environment.

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You don’t have to settle on just one color– using a combination of hues can help create visual balance and harmony. Covering the surface of wood furniture can help protect it from stains, moisture, and heat. Remember, always start with the least damaging cleaning method and spot-test a solution before applying it to the whole piece. If you truly feel unsure about what to do, call a local furniture repair company and see if they can offer a consultation. Here’s our recommended gentle cleaning process that will work to clean and protect various wood furniture. Because every finish, stain, and type of wood is different, it’s hard to have a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning wooden furniture.

People in healthcare waiting rooms are typically either sick / injured patients, or friends and family members waiting (often for several hours) while their loved ones receive medical treatment. In addition to selecting comfortable and strong chairs, you should also consider placing a few lounge sofas  and recliners/sleepers throughout your waiting area. This allows even the most pained, sick, or long-time visitors to relax more peacefully. The way we design our interior spaces has a significant influence on our physical and mental well-being. From the colours we use to the furniture we choose, every aspect of our home or office environment can positively or negatively impact our health and mood. As medical service providers increasingly look for ways to improve the patient experience, they’re turning to creative interior design solutions that foster wellness and calm. Here’s how a clinic in Spain took an abandoned building and transformed it into a space for education and health.


Most commonly used in pediatric hospitals, double sleepers are provided for parents who want to stay in the hospital with their child. This type of hospital sofa bed is usually pull-out style but twice the size of the average sleeper. On the plus side, vinyl is available in a much wider range of colors and patterns than PVC-free vinyl. Bedbugs and bacteria contamination are less of a concern with this textile, though these may still thrive in the seams of the material. Cleaning agents/detergents should not contain solvents (e.g., paint thinners, turpentine), abrasive detergents (e.g., baking soda), furniture polish or denatured alcohols (e.g., white spirit). Sign up to receive the latest information about workspace trends driving productivity and engagement.

Tips for Maintaining Office Chairs

Clinical environments of the past were known for being drab and boring, but this isn’t the case for today’s medical offices. Aesthetics can go a long way in soothing the nerves of distressed individuals.

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Read more about Behavioral health furniture here.

The first step to choosing ergonomic and accessible furniture and accessories is to understand who will use them and for what purpose. Different types of users and tasks may require different levels of adjustability, support, comfort, and accessibility.

It’s clear that interior design is pivotal in promoting physical and mental health—and not just in residential settings! Ultimately, these changes will help create better experiences for everyone involved by fostering feelings of wellness instead of fear or discomfort when entering medical facilities. Improving health and wellbeing with ergonomic furniture and re-thinking the office space has benefits for business success too as productivity and quality of work will be improved.

For example, ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable so that the user should sit with feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle, parallel to their hips. The seat depth should also be of two to four inches from the back of the user’s knees. Most traditional office chairs cannot be adapted to this extent which can increase the risk of workplace injuries. Patients’ comfort is a key factor in their overall well-being and recovery.

Clinica Alejandria is located in Calle Sorní, the heart of Valencia, Spain. It is here that they connect medicine and education, allowing both disciplines to interact more fluidly, dividing each programme into two levels. Using clay mortar alongside walnut wood, they ensure the clinic feels more down to earth than traditional healthcare facilities, creating a visual sense of touch.

By bringing in an expert to ensure your workspace provides this support (V10) is also commended. Employees from the NHS found that by having the option to stand at their desk, time sitting down was reduced by more than an hour a day compared with their colleagues. The year long study also found that 77 employees felt less tired and more engaged when using a height-adjustable desk and reported improvements in musculoskeletal problems.

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