How High Should I Mount a Flat Screen TV?

In most setups, you’ll need to mount your TV at eye degree, or about 42” from the ground to the center of the TV. The actual height on your setup can differ so we’ve put collectively a helpful information that can help you establish the best height in your mounting state of affairs. Before you purchase any TV mounts, make positive to understand how far apart your studs are spaced. It’s additionally essential to concentrate on any wires or pipes near where you’re mounting your TV when you plan to install a recessed mount. If you’re not sure about drilling into your wall but still want to put up a screen, there are many drill-free TV mounting choices.

If your couch seat is about 18 inches off the ground, your eye level will be about 24 inches above the seat. For a 60 inch TV, this implies you will probably need the TV installed with the bottom of the display at about 26 inches off the bottom. If you don’t have studs in the space where you need to install your TV mount, you may still be ready to set up a TV mount on drywall. The best method to install a mount on drywall is through the use of drywall anchors—but not just any plastic anchors.

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Your first step might be to attach the TV portion of the mount to the again of your TV. If you could have a selection, then look at how daylight enters the room through the hours you’re more than likely to watch TV. Try to keep away from mounting your TV on a wall that is hit by a lot of direct daylight or by glare from close by home windows or lighting fixtures. TV mounting kits are comparatively cheap, and it’s easy to search out fashions for less than $100. But if you want to discover a contractor to mount your TV, it costs more.

How Do You Mount a TV On The Wall? (FAQ)

If all your sources are operating to the display individually, you can be looking at half a dozen cables or extra. How do you wall-mount a TV so that it appears tidy, stays secure, and doesn’t have a dozen visible cables trailing from it? Below we’ve explained the greatest way to get your TV up on the wall – and to verify it stays there. Almost all TVs have 4 mounting holes on the back, organized in a regular VESA sample.

Find the perfect TV position

Thus, you have to resolve upon the TV mounting wall that you’d like to use in your TV watching house. If your entertainment room has more easy drywall in the intervening time, you must mount your TV on drywall – and vice versa if there are now brick partitions. If you have a tilting body, repair the angle and tighten the screws to carry it steady. Secure the TV to the body in accordance the directions that got here together with your mount. These bolts stay skinny when left untightened, but once tightened in your walls, the sleeve expands, creating an anchor to the back of your drywall.

Use an Adjustable Mount

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