Gardener warns against common mistake with raised garden beds: ‘You could end up with your soil level dropping within days’

But as well as their number and size being governed by the style of garden you want to create, it should also be determined by how much time you have for maintenance. Although some plants require less work, generally more beds and borders equals more maintenance. Borders go around the edges of the garden, along paths, or around garden buildings. Beds, which are entirely surrounded by a lawn, gravel or paving, are where you’ll create displays of plants. In some styles of garden, including traditional gardens, they are the most important feature, while in modern, low maintenance gardens, hardscape may dominate. If privacy is a concern, you’ll want to choose high-growing plants or shrubs that’ll fill enough to create a sight barrier when you’re landscaping with evergreens.

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As crops mature, make sure to harvest promptly for best quality. Leafy greens like lettuce are typically “cut and come again”, which means you can clip off the leaves and they will regrow for another harvest. If you’re starting with sod, you’ll either need to cut it up in chunks and repurpose it, till it in, or lay down wet newspaper or cardboard to smother it and build a bed on top. Preparing in fall is best, but don’t let that stop you from starting in spring. Once you know where you want your garden, decide on the type and size of garden bed(s). Raised beds are attractive and may make it easier to work in your garden, but they also dry out more quickly.

This will help you decipher whether to plant shade, part-shade, or full sun plants in various areas of your yard. Many beginning gardeners find the process of growing their own food rewarding, and not as difficult as they anticipated. Then there’s the whole question about cutting back spent perennials. Once again, the old model was to cut everything to the ground in the fall to remove any potential overwintering pests and diseases. But the modern model is to leave everything in place until right before spring growth begins to leave seeds for birds to eat and places for insect and bird cover, overwintering space, etc. As the sun sets, garden lighting ideas can totally transform your outdoor space, changing the atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Not only will it allow you to enjoy being in your garden for longer, but you’ll also benefit from views of your outdoor space from inside the house at night.

Having multiple levels for garden design ideas can add variety to the space. For instance, a raised patio dining area can also give you a better view of the rest of the garden. Of course, such a feature isn’t achievable for smaller spaces, but even a simple water bowl can add a dose of serenity. Head over to our water feature ideas for inspiration, or if you love the Japanese look, our small Japanese garden ideas has got you covered.


Horticulturally, this is similar to the leaf issue — in general, the more stems and seed heads we leave in place for winter, the better for encouraging diversity in the garden. But there are several instances, where there is a defensible case for doing some fall cutting back of old perennial tops. For some reason, whether it’s Oreo eating or politics, we seem hard-wired to turn anything that might represent a continuum, into an either/or … So, why not create a relaxation area where you can recline with a book or simply lie there and soak up the sun? Outdoor heating, such as the best patio heaters or best fire pits, means that you can enjoy your garden well into the evening and in the cooler months too.

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But either way, an actual plan is a sound strategy at this stage. You can test your soil for basic acidity and alkalinity at home with a simple test, using thigs you have on hand. For more common gardening terms, see this Dictionary of Gardening Terms from Proven Winners.

It’s important to make sure your choice of paving is suitable for outdoor use to prevent it cracking due to frost, or becoming too slippery when wet. Man-made materials such as porcelain or concrete are hard-wearing choices, or opt for natural stones like sandstone, granite, limestone or slate for your garden design ideas. These raised beds are also painted white, which reflects sunlight and offers a bright and airy feel to what could otherwise be a small and perhaps oppressive garden. Floor-to-ceiling doors that open fully really create a feeling of endless space.

Sensory gardens with a range of color, shape and texture, are extremely popular and pleasing to the eye. ‘I always try and make the most of spaces, helped by linking individual spaces together with “pivot devices”. You can an whittle down your list of plants based on any functional and aesthetic goals you’d like to achieve. At this initial stage, write a list of all the garden’s desired functions, which will help ready you to allocate space to different activities within your layout. To begin your garden planning, think about both what you want to use the space for and how you would like it to look.

And if you’re not entirely sure, then our guide to soil types will give you a helping hand. Pristinely-clipped hedges are a useful way to zone a seating space from a lawn.

Smart garden landscaping ideas teamed with the right materials will create a complementary style of garden, be it modern, cottage, traditional or formal. Bear in mind how sunny or shady these areas are and how this suits what will go on in the space. Clever pergola ideas or planting can help to create shade, but think about privacy, too. Understanding your soil type will also help you determine the types of plants that’ll work best for your yard, or how to properly nourish your soil to support the plants you wish to grow.

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