Causes and Sign of Chimney Downdraft and How to Prevent It

Follow along with this blog to get your air flowing the right way. Follow the steps to light and hold the torch under the flue to warm the chimney. It’s imperative that you follow each step listed and practice safety precautions. Sweeping your chimney is essential for keeping your stove not only efficient but also as safe as possible. Dirty or badly kept chimneys are the main cause of chimney fires.

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How to Build a Fireplace Chimney

Chimneys are designed to remove the toxic combustion byproducts from a fire into the out-of-doors. The hot air created by fires is lighter than cooler air and, therefore, it rises, creating the draft.

Flue Liners

A yearly chimney inspection tells you for sure if this is a viable option for your chimney damage issues. Truly, chimney age and chimney rebuilds don’t always go hand-in-hand. An older, but well-cared-for chimney could potentially outlast a newer, but neglected chimney. That’s why yearly chimney inspections become critical to your chimney’s health. However, their population is threatened, which is why they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

The design features that cause chimneys to be noisy are the same features that allow them to carry smoke out of your home and radiate heat into the room. Your approach to soundproofing your chimney will depend on the type of fireplace you have and whether or not you use it.

A hotter fire creates a stronger draft, just as a smoldering fire often results in toxic fumes going into the home due to the lack of proper draft. Chimneys are not merely decorative elements but essential components that play a vital role in the safety and functionality of fireplaces and heating systems.

That supply of air is dependent on the ability of the chimney to exhaust flue gases as they are created by the combustion occurring in the stove. Air supply, combustion, and exhaust are all part of the same balanced process in a well-designed system. As part of the stack effect, hot air rises because it’s less dense than cold air. In the case of chimneys, instead of removing hot air, their role is to remove hot gases from the heating unit inside your home. While you should hire a professional to get your chimney cleaned and inspected annually, you can also follow best practices to help maintain your chimney year-round.

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